What are the benefits of an effective PR campaign, you ask? Let's dive in...

There are so many great companies out there with innovative products, services, software solutions, mobile apps… the list goes on! But unfortunately, not many people may be aware of them. One easy solution? A solid and effective PR campaign! Some companies choose to handle their public relations efforts in-house; however, they may not have the resources or time required to execute an effective PR campaign. Hiring a reputable PR agency, large or small, is a great way to gain presence in the press, increase your brand exposure, and generate more sales.

Five benefits of a PR campaign include:

1.    Impress potential investors - Knowing an unbiased outsider found your company interesting enough to write about in a positive light can really pique their interest!

2.    New clients - Similar to investors, a potential client may be more included to learn more about your company if they see a positive piece written in the press rather than paid advertising.

3.    Increased credibility - Whether you’re looking to increase sales, impress potential investors, or really make a name for your company within your industry, gathering press coverage is a solid way to gain attention and generate interest amongst current and potential customers.

4.    Long-term attention - Whereas advertising can be short-term, PR is an investment and takes time. Staying in the press on a regular basis can prove to be a reminder to potential customers that your company exists and is a leader within its industry.

5. Engage with your current and potential customers - An affective PR campaign is a great way to engage directly with your customers. Learn about them and speak directly to them in a manner that will truly resonate with them! This will provide them comfort in continuing to do business with you because they trust you and believe in what you have to offer.

Although I’ve only listed five benefits to a PR campaign, there are many more to be explored! Embarking on a PR campaign can be very successful to a company’s long-term goals and growth strategy.  

If you’re interested in pursuing an effective PR campaign to enhance your business efforts, contact us today!

- Megan Saulsbury, founder and CEO, Canyon PR