3 Tips to Bring Visibility to Your Growing Business

When discussing a PR campaign with new clients, I always tell them two of our goals are 1) To get them the attention they deserve, and 2) To help them stand out amongst their competitors.  With businesses popping up left and right in so many different industries, it can be challenging to keep the spotlight right where we want it!  

I strongly believe in credibility, open/available communication and strong messaging in every PR campaign worked on, all of which have helped in earning the press’s trust and the support of current and potential customers for my clients.  However, there are a few extra tips I would advise businesses looking to gain extra attention:

1.    Messaging and Medium

Do you have clear and concise messaging for your company/product/service/etc.?  Do you know who your exact customer is?  Without a clear understanding, your PR strategy and business efforts will be fruitless.  Focus in on the message you want to convey and who you want to receive it.  This will strongly help in reaching the right customers for your business.

2.    Product/Service Availability

Is your product or service ready and available for review or purchase?  It can be a challenge to embark on a PR campaign, inching closer to the official launch date, only to find out there is a delay in bringing something to the market.  It’s almost a tease to the press, which can damage your credibility.  The product/service must work, meet a need, and be available for review/purchase.

3.    Remove Emotions

As a passionate, emotional woman, I get it!  You feel strongly about something and think everyone else should, as well!  Unfortunately, this is not always the case with business.  You may feel your product/service is the solution and will change the world, but you must remove the emotions from your strategy.  Understand your product is one of many, although unique in its own right, and focus in on the need it will fill and convey that message to the press and your potential customers.

Bonus Tip:

4.    Hire a PR Agency

Of course, I had to throw that one in there!  I’ve heard the same story from so many people – they tried to do a PR campaign on their own, only to realize, they didn’t know what they were doing and needed help.  It’s OK to ask for help!  PR agencies know how to create and execute successful PR campaigns to get businesses of all sizes noticed.  If you’re thinking of implementing a PR campaign into your business efforts, please feel free to contact me – I’d love to help get you the attention your business deserves!

- Megan Saulsbury, founder and CEO, Canyon PR