We work diligently with clients to develop aggressive public relations campaigns to further introduce each company to their target audiences as unique and focused leaders in their specific field.  Our PR campaigns are designed to drive interest and generate awareness among additional audiences to help each client reach its growth and business goals.



Product/Service Launches

Whether it’s an upcoming product launch or an old product requiring new positioning, we’re skilled at generating awareness and garnering exposure with the media.  We work closely with each client to understand their product or service and how it differs from the competition, create messaging and build brand and product awareness with the media.



Media Relations

Every successful public relations program is based on aggressive media relations.  Not only do we have key press contacts and relationships to back them up, we’re skilled at generating unique story ideas and angles to help clients get the exposure they desire.  We take our work personally and work to ensure each client receives the maximum coverage possible.


trade show preparation & support

Personal press engagement is key in order to familiarize them with a company, its products and services, as well as its executive team.  We will pursue appropriate PR activities leading up to each event and provide the necessary trade show preparation and support to ensure a successful show.



Effective messaging and copywriting for any company and its products and services is key.  We are skilled at creating and revising your content to ensure it remains consistent to your company’s values and mission statement, while influencing site traffic to convert into potential leads and dedicated customers.